Security Mechanisms in Prolog-based IMAGO System

Z. Xu, X. Li, and Q.H. Mahmoud (Canada)


Security mechanisms, Zero code migration, Authentication


Mobile agent technology offers a new computing paradigm in which a program, in the form of an agent, can suspend its execution on one host, move to another host and resume execution. The IMAGO (Intelligent Mobile Agent Gliding On-line) system is a secure, robust, and adaptable infrastructure for mobile agent applications. A key component of the IMAGO system is its security manager. This paper discusses how the security manager effectively integrates with other parts of the IMAGO system and employs several access control techniques such as semantic checking, authentication and limitation to provide an efficient and flexible security mechanism. Under its protection, hosts will be able to reduce the potential harm caused by malicious agents or those agents with poorly written code during each stage of an agent's lifecycle.

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