A Secure Web Application: 3D Visualization and Collaboration

H. Yu, J. Zhang, L. Wang, and J. Barksdale (USA)


Internet security, 3D visualization, World Wide Web, Java technology


Developing secure web applications is a difficult task because the original purpose of the World Wide Web is to share information. We have developed a platform independent system for 3D visualization and collaboration. This system integrates visualization technology with World Wide Web technology to enable production, dissemination and use of 3D imagery and geospatial information on a hierarchical level. Several Internet security mechanisms are implemented to secure system configuration, to authenticate and authorize data access and sharing information. Object-oriented techniques, Internet security, Java and visualization technologies are used to implement this system. The application results demonstrate this system provides a certain level secure, users have flexibility to query, visualize, manipulate and analyze 3D geospatial data. They also exhibit that multiple users in geographically dispersed organizations can securely communicate and share information through this system.

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