Congestion-based Algorithms for Online Routing in Optical WDM Mesh Networks

A. Todimala and B. Ramamurthy (USA)


All-Optical Networks, Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM), Routing and Wavelength Assignment (RWA), Breadth First Search.


All-optical networks are becoming increasingly popular for high bandwidth connections. With the advent of the cross connect technology, optical connections can be established dynamically. Routing and wavelength assignment are im portant issues in such networks. This work focuses on the routing issue in networks. Two online algorithms are pre sented that compute a route among all feasible routes for a node pair based on hop length of the path and congestion in the network. Simulations are conducted on sample network topologies with Poisson traffic and exponential call hold ing times. Results show that shortest hop least congested routing technique performs better than other previous tech niques in terms of blocking probability.

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