Web Supported Medical Education and Teaching

H.N. Elmahdy (Egypt)


Medical education, medical training, elearning, e-teaching, web enabled application, distancelearning.


Bridging gaps between sciences has no longer been just a vision(1), it becomes a strategy. Computer sciences, specially computer networks and multimedia, are being used to exhibit powerful and principles of other sciences. Medical field is a rich area for computer interested persons to do a lot of thing. Tens of millions of sites on the Internet deal with medical terms. Medical training and medical education are the most important issues to be developed and be published on the Internet. Security, standardization, and certification of medical related sites are so important to be considered from now on. Another critical issue, to be reviewed and be evaluated, is forgetting the main objective(s) when developing medical applications. This paper is a trail to emphasis on that vital and critical problem. The author demonstrates the powerful of using the Internet and the multimedia in ways of teaching generally, then showing the roles of using web enabled applications in medical education and training. Also, he presents the leverage of using web enabled education and teaching in medical field.

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