E-commerce Customer Service in Polish Computer Stores

Z. Pastuszak (Poland)


Internet, customer service, e-commerce


This article presents results of research on the extent to which websites of Polish computer stores are adapted to meet the needs of their customers. Based on the general market and technical characteristics of e-commerce solutions applied in Poland, it was possible to determine factors that influence the quality of B2C relations via the Internet. Afterwards standards of customer service were defined. These comprised minimal organisational and technical requirements concerning communication between businesses and customers conducted via the Internet. Thus, it was possible to analyse the results obtained in terms of their compliance with the adopted standards and, consequently, to draw conclusions concerning the quality of Polish B2C relations executed through websites. Generally, the conclusions are far from optimistic. The majority of websites fall short of customer requirements. The services offered are not market-oriented and business contacts continue to favour traditional solutions neglecting the very idea and a wealth of possibilities offered by the Internet.

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