An Incentive Attached Peer to Peer Electronical Coupon System

T. Shojima, Y. Takada, N. Komoda, H. Oiso, and A. Hiramatsu (Japan)


P2P, incentive, electronical coupon, distribution history


An incentive attached peer to peer (P2P) electronical coupon system is proposed. This system intends users to forward the e-coupon, in order to deliver the e-coupon to the potential users. To activate delivery of the e-coupons, incentives are given to the users who acted as mediators. To provide incentives, it is necessary to acquire the distribution history of the e-coupon. Furthermore, it is expected that illegal acts occur, such as interpolation or destruction of the distribution history to get incentives for himself/herself, and the distribution of the e-coupon with the interpolated contents which prevents other users from using it at retail stores. Therefore, the distribution history attached to the e coupon is enciphered with a public-key crypto system so that users cannot peruse the distribution history. Further more, a message digest (MD) of the distribution history is embedded by digital-watermarking technology to check the validity of the history. A prototype system based on these mechanisms has been developed using PDAs as mobile devices and infrared data association (IrDA) connection for coupon data ex change. The e-coupon is described by XML. Through the experiment of the prototype system, it is confirmed that the proposed prevention mechanisms of illegal acts are func tional.

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