Generation of Adaptable Documents with XForms

I. Beszteri and P. Vuorimaa (Finland)


Extensible Markup Language (XML), XFrames, XForms,Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), eXtensible Style-sheetLanguage Transformations (XSLT), X-Smiles.


With the development of mobile technologies, personal digital assistants and other devices like digital television, a vast number of new client terminals have appeared to access the Internet. These new terminals have different capabilities compared to a conventional personal computer, which was the de facto standard client terminal until the last few years. Because of the diversity of new terminals, the content providers have to introduce new technologies to support all clients with minimal effort. A straightforward solution is the usage of adaptable documents. That is, all the clients can access the same document, which is adapted to the client needs dynamically. This paper introduces what are adaptable documents in this context, how they can be adapted, and how they can be generated with XForms in an easy and safe way.

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