Applied Dove Algorithm to Guard Channel Model in Mobile Communication Systems

Y. Ando, T. Okuda, T. Ideguchi, X. Tian, and S. Ohtake (Japan)


Mobile communication networks, QoS(Quality of Ser vice), Handoff, Performance evaluation, DOVE(Delay Of Voice End-user), Guard channel


There has been a gradual growth about the wireless Internet and the possibility that millions of users will soon access e-mail and Web page on a cellular phone, PDA(Personal Digital Assistant), or pager. As the wireless Internet and a mixed service with data and voice in cellular mobile com munication systems spread, the QoS(quality of service) for cellular mobile communication systems become more im portant. In such networks, the QoS for handoff calls is improvable by using guard channels that give priority to handoff calls. However, it becomes difficult to satisfy QoS for new calls. In this paper, we introduce the DOVE(Delay Of Voice End-user) and explain the handoff model with the guard channels. Then, we propose the handoff guard chan nels model with DOVE algorithm and evaluate the perfor mance of this model. The proposed method can satisfy the QoS for new calls while maintaining the QoS for handoff calls.

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