Development and Evaluation of the Location-aware Exhibit Information Service System using Bluetooth Communication

N. Kawamura, Y. Takada, N. Komoda, A. Hiramatsu, and T. Masanari (Japan)


PDA, Bluetooth, location-aware, information service sys tem


A location-aware information service system using Blue tooth communication in exhibition halls such as galleries and museums is proposed. Visitors who have mobile de vices such as a cellular phone or PDA can automatically obtain the information about exhibits near them based on the estimated locations of the visitor. The PDA version pro totype of this system has been developed and Bluetooth CF cards provided by Canon-I tech Inc. were adopted. The proposed prototype system has been realized in our labora tory which is 200 m2 and contains 20 exhibits(researchers). The average waiting time for the automatic information browsing on a PDA was 4.4 seconds. For smooth opera tion of this system, an editor for maintenance of contents information and the Bluetooth communication area setup has also been developed and evaluated.

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