Optimum SISO Receiver for Turbo-coded QAM Systems over a Carrier-Phase Mismatch

T. Minowa (Japan)


Phase Noise, SISO Decoder, Turbo-Coded Modulation


In this paper, a wireless coherent system that enables high speed-data transmission in the presence of carrier phase er ror over an additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) channel is considered. The characteristics of the carrier-phase er ror were modeled using phase noise whose stochastic pro cess followed the Tikhonov distribution. For this model, we propose an optimum detector that produces the most suitable decoding metric for a soft-input/soft-output (SISO) decoder. To evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed optimum detector, we have applied them to a bandwidth efficient turbo-coded modulation scheme in which a com ponent decoder based on SISO principles necessitates more exact channel measurement than is possible with a conven tional decoder based on Viterbi decoding. Simulation re sults have demonstrated that the optimum detector enables excellent bit error rate (BER) performance that exceeds that with a normal detector designed for an AWGN channel by more than 1 dB at a BER of 10-5 .

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