The Effect of Different Flexible Materials on Fabric WLAN Antenna Performance

H. Hurme (Finland), P. Salonen (USA), and M. Kivikoski (Finland)


Fabric antenna, flexible antenna, WLAN antenna, antennamaterials


Personal communications technology has resulted in growing interest towards wearable antennas. Antennas have an important role in smart clothes as well as in other wearable electronic devices. Fabric antennas enable antennas to be flexible, lightweight and unobtrusive. First full fabric antennas have already been introduced. However, the fabric antennas are in stage of development and further study is needed in order to obtain superior antennas. This paper initiates the improvement process. The effects of conductive layer material and dielectric material on fabric WLAN antenna performance are studied. In addition, the significance of the optimal-sized ground plane is investigated with simulations.

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