40Gbps/Wavelength Transmission over Multimode Fiber for Optical Backplane Applications

S.S.-H. Yam, M.S. Rogge, J. Kim, E. Montgomery, and L.G. Kazovsky (USA)


: Network management, Interconnection networks,Gigabit networking, Optical transmission.


: Next generation optical routers and switches might require high-capacity interconnection between numerous line cards, each terminating traffic carried by multiple high-speed WDM channels over optical fiber. While transmission of high-speed backplane data (above 10 Gbps) over one meter might be challenging for copper traces on printed circuit boards (PCB) due to high frequency attenuation and strong electromagnetic inter-channel crosstalk, these issues are non-existent for optical transmission over polymer based waveguides or multimode fiber. In this paper, we demonstrate, for the first time to our knowledge, single wavelength 40 Gbps transmission over short reaches of multimode fibers of various refractive index profiles. Different modulation formats have been employed for the transmission experiment and their relative performance have been analyzed. This shows the promise of printed circuit based polymer waveguide for optical backplane applications.

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