Disturber Identification for Single-ended Line Testing (SELT)

T. Bostoen (Belgium), M. La Fauci, M. Luise (Italy), and P. Boets (Belgium)


Digital subscriber line (DSL), near-end crosstalk (NEXT),far-end crosstalk (FEXT), single-ended line testing(SELT), disturber.


One of the most challenging problems related to single ended line testing (SELT) is the estimation of the noise power spectral density (PSD) at the customer-premises (CP) side of the line under test, because only measurements at the central-office side (CO) are possible. A solution for the noise caused by crosstalk could consist of first identifying the disturbers present in the cable binder of the line under test based on the measured noise PSD at the CO side and secondly estimating the noise PSD at the CP side by means of crosstalk models and the transmit PSD's of the identified disturbers. In this paper we focus on the first part of the solution, the disturber identification. For the identification non-parametric and parametric modeling approaches are explored. The estimator is based on a maximum-likelihood (ML) cost function. The proposed algorithms have been experimentally verified by means of measurements on a France Telecom cable.

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