Characterization of the Effects of the Size of a Ground Plane on the Impedance Bandwidth and Radiation Efficiency of a U-PIFA

P. Salonen (USA), H. Hurme, M. Ritamäki (Finland), Y. Rahmat-Samii (USA), L. Sydänheimo, and M. Kivi


Dual-band antenna, Finite ground plane, UPIFA, Antennas.


This paper presents the simulated performance of a dual band planar inverted-F antenna with a U-shaped slot (U PIFA) on top of various rectangular ground planes. Special attention is given to impedance bandwidth and radiation efficiency. The study is carried out for two frequency ratios: WLAN (2.45 GHz) and HiperLAN (5.2 GHz), and GSM900 and GSM1800. Optimal ground plane dimensions are given and performance results are shown as a function of the ground plane dimensions. The results are discussed and compared with previous literature, and close agreement with them was observed.

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