Design and Application of Multi-layered Load Generators

J. Cong, B.E. Wolfinger, and M. Zaddach (Germany)


Traffic Engineering, Artificial Workload, Load Generators, Transformation Processes, IP Networks, Modeling of Network Services


The desire to study the behaviour of computer and communication networks for scenarios of peak load or other specific load situations, e.g., complex mixes of traffic, leads to a strong demand for load generators with flexible applicability. This paper presents an architecture and a prototype realisation for a multi-layered load generator, whose behaviour is specified by means of a formal load description technique and which can be adapted to produce sequences of requests for a large variety of network-oriented or application-oriented service interfaces. It is shown how the load generator can be beneficially combined with load transformers. A case study illustrates the diversity of applicabilities as well as the validity of the load generation approach introduced.

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