Adaptive Virtual Web Caches

J.P. Nalluru, S. Movva, A. Gelli, and N.L. Passos (USA)


Internet, performance, network, replacement policies, hit rate.


Caching web documents in intermediate proxy caches closer to the client is one of the techniques in use to minimize the latency and the network traffic. Multiple clients share the objects cached at the proxy caches. The physical limitations of the proxy caches require the replacement of the resident objects with newly arrived objects through an efficient replacement algorithm. The performance of these algorithms is evaluated based on various metrics such as byte-hit rate and object hit-rate. Recent studies introduced a new approach to web cache management by using virtual caches. In the virtual cache environment, the physical cache is logically divided into multiple virtual caches. Each virtual cache observes its own cache replacement policy, focusing on improving a specific performance metric. This paper introduces the concept of adaptive virtual caches as a probabilistic replacement technique for proxy caches. This technique dynamically organizes individual virtual cache sizes based on their performance. By dynamically altering the virtual cache sizes a balanced overall performance can be obtained. Initial simulation results confirm the potential of this new technique.

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