Secure Combined Web/Mobile E-commerce Transactions

A. Al Zarooni (UAE), A. Mabrouk (Germany), A. Al-Qayedi, and W. Adi (UAE)


E-Commerce transaction security, user authentication, Direct Debit transactions


: Electronic Commerce is increasingly assuming a pivotal and vital role for many customers. It offers opportunities to significantly improve the way that Merchants interact with their customers. However, in order to profit from the full potential of this mode of commerce, the transactions between different parties have to be secured. This demands a robust authentication of the customers. The affiliation of the wireless communication with the Internet offers the possibility to enhance the robustness of the authentication. In this paper, we reflect the idea of using wireless devices to assist the authentication of an Internet user. The given scenarios will illustrate some possible fields of application of the proposed concept. The proposed concept exhibits more privacy as some existing ones.

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