An Electrical ID System using a Cell-phone

J. Kim and T. Kobayashi (Japan)


cell-phone, personal identification, two-dimensional symbol, security


This paper proposes a personal identification method using a cell-phone that displays a face image, character data and a two-dimensional including personal identification data. The proposed method can be used to construct an electronic ID system using a cell-phone. Although plastic cards and smart cards are used as ID (identification) cards, the risk to lose these cards are large. In some countries including Japan, many people have color display cell-phones. If a cell-phone is used for personal identification, it is possible to dynamically display all of the identification data on the color display of the cell-phone. We have constructed the prototype personal identification system using a cell-phone and a Web server to identify each student who attends a class. The effectiveness and the security of the proposed personal identification method are investigated from a wide viewpoint that is not limited to the prototype. The proposed personal identification method can be extended to the general personal identification method using a cell phone.

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