A Fixed Wireline Network Test for the Broadband Access Evolution Technology using VoDSL

S.M. Musa (USA)


Voice over digital subscriber line (VoDSL); Digitalsubscriber line (DSL); Integrated access device (IAD);Broadband access network.


This paper presents a fixed wireline network test for the broadband access evolution using Voice over Digital subscriber Line (VoDSL) technology, which allows service providers to offer multiple telephone lines over a single subscriber access line in addition to high-speed data transmission services. The design of an experimental VoDSL network architecture using fax transmission is presented. We identified the number of supported derived lines in the voice gateway and the integrated access device (IAD) based on the following digital subscriber line (DSL) service levels 640K/ 640K, 1.5M / 384K, 3.0M/ 512K, and 1.5M/ 256K for each American National Standards Institute / Carrier Serving Area (ANSI/CSA) loops by using fax transmission with voice compression while simultaneously downloading file.

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