Analysis of 1xEV-DO Packet Scheduling Algorithms Considering QoS

S. Shin, B.-C. Kim, J.-H. Yu, and D. Kim (Korea)


1xEV-DO, packet scheduler, QoS, EV-DO simulator


We analyzed the performance of 1xEV-DO packet scheduling algorithm and proposed the three kinds of scheduler considering QoS. Three packet schedulers aim at the minimum delay, minimum data rate, and maximum revenue, respectively. They were compared with proportional fair scheduler in EV-DO simulator. EV-DO simulator is made using data measured at commercialized 1xEV-DO service region. Performance of the proposed packet schedulers was better than that of the proportional fair scheduler in each aiming aspects. Difference of capacity by scheduling algorithm is negligible. Using minimum delay supporting algorithm, time-sensitive traffic could be maintained with less delay than target delay criteria in spite of heavy traffic condition. Erlang capacity of 1xEV-DO can be improved by adapting minimum delay supporting scheduler.

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