A Scalable Environment for Quality of Service Measurements in the Internet

F. Dressler (Germany)


- Quality of Service, Scalability, NetworkAnalysis, Performance Measurements, IP Multicast


- The goal of this paper is to describe a scalable environment for quality of service (QoS) measurements in the internet. Since the early beginnings of communication networks, measurements of the QoS in the network have been developed and performed for several reasons. First, it was necessary to identify the capabilities of the different types of data networks and to compare them with analytical examinations. Secondly, with the evolving appearance of real-time applications such as multimedia transmissions or remote controls, the demands on the service quality of current network topologies and protocols have rapidly increased. This paper summarizes the available measurement techniques, especially in the case of IP multicast and proposes a measurement environment which builds a base for any kind of quality of service measurements in the internet, either unicast or multicast. The focus of this approach is on the scalability of such measurements which have to coexist with the standard applications in the same networking environment.

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