Structured Design using Improved Visualization of Website Structure

Y. Yamagata, N. Kataoka and Y. Nakamura (Japan)


Internet Tools, Web Contents, Presentation of Information, Structured Design, Access Probability, Power-Law


The Internet has a scale-free structure where a power-law holds*. Assuming that a power law also holds in websites, this paper presents a tool that supports a heuristic design of the link structure of a website. The tool performs three functions. Firstly, it calculates the probability of access attempts to each page (known as the access probability) using an adjoining matrix that expresses the link structure in web pages. Secondly, it develops an approximating distribution curve that approximates the staying probabilities by assuming a power-law distribution. Thirdly, it places the access probability distribution, the distribution curve and the pages in a 3-dimensional space, specifically on a hemisphere, in order to make the access probability and the links between pages visible to the website designer. * Albert-Laszlo Barabasi: "LINKED: The New Science of Networks"

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