An Evaluation Support Framework for Internet Technologies and Tools

S.P. Christodoulou, D.G. Tzimou, and T.S. Papatheodorou (Greece)


Evaluation, Internet Tools, Web Engineering, XML.


In several stages of Web development, Web Engineers have to study, evaluate, compare and finally select one, among many, similar software systems/tools and theoreti cal Web resources, i.e. processes, methodologies, tech nologies and patterns. In this work we address this need of Web engineers and introduce an interactive and flexi ble Evaluation Support Framework (ESF) to facilitate the fast and accurate comparative evaluation of similar "items" against a set of requirements. ESF consists of an Evaluation Support Environment (ESEnv) and several Modules (ESMod) one per class of "items". ESEnv provides an efficient scoring methodology and an XML/XSL-based middleware in order to integrate all available ESMod, that are described in XML. Moreover, it allows the specification of evaluation parameters / re quirements in two levels of detail through easy-to comprehend Web forms and presents the results in a meaningful and concentrated way. Finally, we describe the full-lifecycle process for the specification, develop ment and maintenance of an ESMod and demonstrate its usefulness.

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