An Approach for Designing Ubiquitous Web Applications: A Case Study

V. Perrone and P. Paolini (Italy)


Web Application Design, Multi-channel, UML, HDM,Ubiquitous Information Systems.


Web applications have become more complex blending together several different features: navigation paradigms to browse across information, operations to manipulate data and to perform actions, interactivity, full-fledged transactions, etc. In addition the need to consider several possible devices (including mobile ones and interactive TV), as ways for to user to access the "same application" and the fact that different user categories need to share the same applications, make the picture even more complex. Current design methodologies are not satisfactory, since they tackle one piece of the problem (e.g. hypertext features, or transactions, or operations, or data), but they do not cover the whole application. This paper introduces an innovative design methodology from the UWA project, covering a broad spectrum of features, and based upon UML notation. A "real life" case study (in the Banking sector) is used as an example.

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