Loadtime Optimization of JVM for Set-top Box Resident Java Applications

S.P.B. Rao, P. Cesar, and P. Vuorimaa (Finland)


Load Time Optimizations, Java Virtual Machine, Set-topbox, Resident Java Applications


Set-top box (STB) is one of the many Digital TV receivers. Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) compliant STBs are capable of running Java applications. Java Vir tual Machine (JVM) is one of the layers in the system soft ware of STB. In the Digital TV environment, optimizing the loading time of Java applications is essential because of high initial start up time. Often, compared to the download able applications onto the STB, usage of resident applica tions is higher. In this paper, the JVM load time optimiza tion for the STB resident Java applications, called "Easy Loading" is implemented. The obtained results show that the loadtime can be minimized by up to 12%.

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