Protocol Design and Throughput Analysis of Opportunistic Multi-channel Medium Access Control

D. Zheng and J. Zhang (USA)


Ad hoc networks, Multi-channel MAC protocol, Cross layer design, Performance evaluation, Particle filter


We take a cross-layer approach to medium access control (MAC) design in ad hoc networks. Specifically, building on the IEEE 802.11 standards, we propose an opportunis tic multi-channel MAC protocol. The proposed MAC pro tocol utilizes multiple channels in a unified manner, and has a flavor of "resource pooling". Furthermore, by ex ploiting the channel variations across these multiple chan nels, the proposed opportunistic multi-channel MAC proto col can achieve selection diversity. Another key component in the proposed MAC protocol is that the size of the con tention window is adjusted adaptively based on the number of competing stations which is estimated using the sequen tial Monte Carlo technique. Throughput results reveal that even under heavy traffic conditions, the proposed scheme can still achieve significant multi-channel diversity gain. Finally, we use simulation results to validate the efficiency of the sequential Monte Carlo method for the adaption of the contention window.

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