Fault-tolerant Multipath Traffic Engineering for MPLS Networks

Y. Seok, Y. Lee, N. Choi, and Y. Choi (Korea)


Traffic Engineering, MPLS Network, Multipath Routing,Fault-tolerant Traffic Routing


-- Multipath traffic engineering utilizes several multiple paths for transporting the traffic demand between source LSR and destination LSR. Using the multipath, we can effectively control the network resource utilization. If maximally disjoint multiple LSPs are found, the multipath traffic engineering can provide appropriate fault-tolerant routing. In this paper, we propose the fault-tolerant multipath traffic engineering mech anism based on linear programming (LP). When the statistical traffic demand is known, we apply the traffic engineering with the following objective; set all LSPs configuration in order to find maximally disjoint paths for each node pair, subject to minimization of the maximum of link utilization. We propose new load-balancing mechanism, when some link failures are detected, which routes the traffic flowing on the the failed LSPs into available LSPs. After presenting the proposed LP solution, we discuss the result obtained by exploiting it in the case-study network.

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