Dynamic Adaptive Routing and Wavelength Assignment with General Wavelength Switching Constraints

P. Torab (USA)


WDM, RWA, Routing, Graph Theory, Min-Plus Algebra


Dynamic routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) for optical transport networks employing the wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology and a combination of electrical and all-optical switching is a well-studied problem in the optical literature. Almost all these studies focus on wavelength conversion capability as the only wavelength switching constraint in network nodes. In this paper we introduce a general cost formulation that captures any static wavelength switching constraint at the switching nodes. We show that routing and wavelength assignment in the presence of such constraints is equivalent to a classical shortest path problem on an appropriately constructed auxiliary graph model. Similar to Chlamtac's wavelength graph model [1], our model also allows non-elementary paths, i.e. paths containing loops, to better accommodate the wavelength switching constraints at switching nodes.

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