Routing for MPEG4 FGS Multimedia Stream Transmission over Ad Hoc Networks

J. Wang, H. Wang, Q. Zhang, and B. Chen (USA)


Fine-Granular-Scalability, Layered video, Ad hoc networks


In this paper, we address the routing issues for MPEG4 Fine-Granular-Scalability (FGS) multimedia stream over ad hoc networks. The FGS encodes video traffic into two different layers, base layer (BL) and enhance ment layer (EL). Considering the low-level link qual ity and the dynamically reconfigurable wireless net work property in ad hoc networks, transmitting lay ered video traffic on multiple paths has been proposed in the literature. However, no work addresses routing the multiple paths based on the characteristics of the layered video traffic. We define the routing criteria for the two paths in FGS multimedia transmission: one path with shortest delay and maximum bandwidth is routed for BL traffic, another path with delay bound and maximum bandwidth is routed for EL traffic. Sim ulation results show that our proposed scheme can find the paths with higher bandwidth for the video traf fic transmission, and satisfies the requirements of the video traffic.

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