Examination of Free Capacity based Load Sharing

A. Takács, A. Császár, R. Szabó, and T. Henk (Hungary)


Traffic Engineering, Dynamic Load Sharing, Instability


Sophisticated traffic engineering (TE) methods are cur rently under development. The price for broad TE func tionality is high, especially in complexity and scalability. Moreover, there are several specialised networks where simpler TE mechanisms are required because of computa tional or scalability limitations. Such a simpler TE solution is load sharing. Currently, the performance of load shar ing is far less exploited than its real potential. This is due to the fact that thus far no sophisticated load sharing ar chitectures have been defined and that the instability issues of dynamic load sharing have not fully been examined and solved. With our paper we aim to extend the understanding of instability issues of dynamic load sharing solutions.

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