An Efficient Technique for Bandwidth Allocation by Dynamic Pricing

I. Ahmad, J. Kamruzzaman, and S. Aswathanarayaniah (Australia)


Bandwidth allocation, dynamic pricing,barrier function, tatonnement process.


Proper network management is still an open issue for research in networking. In recent times, state dependant dynamic pricing is being considered as a very promising controlling tool in network management. In dynamic pricing schemes, users' demand for resources can be regulated through a pricing rate that varies over time with the state of network and this significantly improves the network management [4]. Several applications of dynamic pricing have been explored mostly as a reactive measure in network management. Some works have also been done in proactive approach. In this paper, an improved dynamic pricing model has been proposed with time interval call blocking probability as the metric to fix price in a network. A flexible pricing model that lets the user choose between static or dynamic schemes is also investigated. Simulation results show that the proposed model ensures better resource sharing by achieving low call blocking probability with significantly less number of in-call negotiations.

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