Proposal of Automatic Motion Synthesis for Objects Harmonized with SMF

M. Nakatani, Q. Wang, and S. Nishida (Japan)


SMF, dance, emotion, CG, animation, choreography


This paper proposed a research approach to automatic choreography synthesis based on SMF (Standard Midi File) for multiple animated figures. Based on the Hevner's theory, eight types of emotion in each beat can be calculated by music structure elements, such as tempo, key, rhythm, melody, harmony and pitch, which are extracted from SMF. The time of one beat is limited to transmit the emotion to humans. By the analysis of emotion, a piece of music can be integrated to several time intervals, every which includes several continuous beats. The top value of synthetic emotion vector represents the emotion type of the interval. Based on the result of Matsumoto[1]'s experiment, fourteen motion factors can be mapped from the emotion of interval. According to the fourteen motion factors, the macro motions at the terminals of every interval and the micro motions between every interval can be generated by mapping rules. We made a prototype system and did a subjective evaluation experiment. The result is fairly good at the similarity between generated motions and given emotion music. Successful research to solve these issues should lead to the designation of 3DCG animation.

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