Implementation of Distance Classroom Visitations and Distance Evaluation Meetings: A Comparison between DVTS and mpeg2ts

Y. Morita, T. Fujiki, A. Matsuoka, and K. Kamohara (Japan)


Distance Education, Teacher Training, Gigabit Network, Video Transfer System


In this paper, we describe distance classroom visitations and distance evaluation meetings using DVTS and mpeg2ts on the gigabit network. These were implemented as mean reform in teacher training. The video transfer systems were evaluated by a picture distortion which was measured by data loss rates and questionnaires. The results showed as follows; (1) the pictures on DVTS were better than on mpeg2ts, however, mpeg2ts worked more stable than DVTS. (2) In the distance classroom visitations, DVTS were better than mpeg2ts for "video quality" and "class room atmosphere". (3) In the distance evaluation meet ings, DVTS were better than mpeg2ts for "video quality", "classroom Involvement", "voice delay" and "communica tion effectiveness". (4) Distance classroom visitations were better than actual classroom visitations, distance evaluation meetings have more use than actual meetings.

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