The Design of NGcN Media Gateway

H.-K. Yoo, B.-R. Kang, and K.-C. Park (Korea)


Multimedia Communications, NGcN, VoIP, Media Gateway, Transcodec


NGcN is combining PSTN, Internet and wireless mobile networks into a unified network and converging voice and data, wire and wireless, communication and broadcasting. The proposed media gateway of NGcN provides the seamless interworking of voice connections between PSTN, Internet, and wireless mobile networks. The NGcN media gateway equipped with transcodec can guarantee interoperability in communication of convergence network. It is composed of a host processor and four DSPs and adopts direct network interface to eliminate bottlenecks between host processor and DSPs. The NGcN media gateway provides speech codecs of G.711, G.723.1, G.729A, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, and SMV and speech transcodecs between PSTN(G.711), Internet(G.711/ G.723.1/G.729A) and wireless mobile networks(AMR NB/AMR-WB/SMV) based on Internet. This paper described the relations of NGcN and media gateway, the configuration of media gateway and media processing scheme.

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