Transmitting High Quality Archived Object-based Movies with Reduced Bandwidth Requirement

A.K. Bansal and R. Pathak (USA)


Bandwidth, Internet, Movies, MPEG-7, QoS, XML


With the exponential increase in the integration of mobile communication devices with media communication over the Internet, the need to transmit high quality archived media clips and movies over limited bandwidth connections has increased. Archived movies have immense use for entertainment such as cartoon movies, news clips, and Internet based mobile instructions. In this paper, we describe an XML based Internet language for frame based transmission of object based movies over the Internet using STMD (Single Transmission Multiple Display) paradigm. The language and its implementation have been described, and the performance results for the implementation have been presented. The implementation benefits from the integration of static analysis of the movie and the predictive buffer management. The benchmark shows that the bandwidth requirement reduces significantly.

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