Analysis and Evaluation of an XML Database

C.E. Chow (USA)


Information Storage and Retrieval, XML Databases, Hash Tables


We evaluated the storage and retrieval portion of the NeoCore XML Information Management System (XMS). This paper summarizes the major findings contained in [1]. NeoCore has some dozen patents protecting its rather creative approach to storing, modifying, and retrieving the data, tags, and tag structures of XML documents. Part of our effort was to analyze and explain the algorithms and data structures buried in the public patent documentation. We also conducted an operational evaluation, using the XOO7 Benchmark and our own benchmark supplement. We verified the system's ability to handle any XML document "as is"--without tables or columns or similar database structures and without DTDs, DOCTYPE definitions, or analogous structure definitions. We verified that the indexing technique solves the classic "collision" problem of hash tables. We found that the algorithm for generating transforms is nearly four times faster than today's common software-based technique. We also identified system limitations.

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