CART: An Information System for Context-aware Information Access during Synchronous Web-based Collaborations

H. Kammanahalli, S. Gopalan, V. Sridhar, and K. Ramamritham (India)


Context, Synchronous collaboration, mobile information system


Context awareness is especially very important during coordination and cooperation. We propose a context aware system (CART) that retrieves and delivers information of high utility to a user from the point of view collaboration. Typically, a user working on a research problem collaborates with researchers in related areas to have a better understanding of the topic while working towards a solution. By associating an activity with a topic, the user's context can be tracked and used during collaboration. To illustrate the concepts underlying CART, we are implementing a Smart Meeting Assistant, which assists in web-based collaboration among different people from different organizations, perhaps at different locations. The paper describes salient details of the implementation and presents our early experiences.

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