Service-oriented File Sharing

M. Sobolewski, S. Soorianarayanan, R.-K. Malladi-Venkata (USA)


Distributed file systems, service-oriented computing, grid computing, concurrent engineering, Jini network technolgy


The major objective of the Service Oriented Computing Environment (SORCER) [1] is to form dynamic federations of network services that provide engineering data, applications and tools on a grid [23-28]. To meet the requirements of these service providers in terms of data sharing and managing in the form of data files, the FileStore Service (FSS) was developed as a core service in SORCER. The value of FileStore service is enhanced when both web based user agents and service providers can readily share the content in a seamless fashion. This framework fits the SORCER philosophy of grid interactive service-oriented programming [2], where users create distributed programs using exclusively interactive user agents. The Document Manager user agent is a web based GUI, which allows authorized users to securely access the FileStore service in the same way as users use their local file system. This paper is structured as follows: first, a brief overview of SORCER is given and then, FSS is described. Next, we discuss how data is passed across multiple services and how providers dealing with parts of data can filter out information from large files using the filter framework. We also discuss how these files are used by different services and managed by web based user agents. Finally we discuss an actual use case of this service in the FIPER project [1] for B2B Fuel Nozzle and Combustor service between GE Global Research Center and Parker Hannifin and also some proposed extensions to the existing system

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