Architecture for Virtual Active Networks over Internet

F. Puentes, F. Cacheda, and V. Carneiro (Spain)


Virtual active networks, Communication architecture.


This report will describe the VAIN (Virtual Active IP Network) architecture development to response challenges outlined by electronic commerce, specifically at the collaborative environments and marketplaces. For this development we have considered following goals: a three layer conceptualization, a transparent implantation and its integration with existing infrastructures; and a strategy of network traffic distribution based on whole information from input packets, by means of the named "patterns based distribution". Mainly VAIN uses as guest code an interpreter of intermediate code from .NET architecture, although the possibility is open to use other intermediate codes. VAIN is immediately over link layer, being able to be extended to any other similar protocol, and independent of upper protocols existing or not at the present time. Our architecture presents, also, a polymorphic character since it allows changing its behavior in a transparent way and virtually emulating other architectures concurrently without affect its functionality.

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