Tighter and Fractional Frequency Reuse Plans for Six-sectored Wireless Networks

V.A. Nguyen, P.-J. Wan, and O. Frieder (USA)


Frequency reuse, channel assignment


In a fixed channel assignment scheme, a group of channel sets identical the number of sectors in a cell is allocated to each cell type and reused symmetrically system-wide. This technique typically restricts the reuse of frequency in clusters of 1, 3, 4, or 7-cells. In this paper, novel reuse plans employing Channel Alternation and Rotation (CAR) scheme for existing six-sectored wireless systems are proposed. By allocating additional channel sets to each cell type, CAR provides network designers the flexibility to alternate and rotate frequency to minimize carrier-to-channel interference (C/I) and allows deploying tighter and non-integer frequency reuse factors. Performances based on worst-case C/I show that the proposed plans can increase frequency reuse efficiency up to 25% while still providing a comparable C/I protection, or up to 3 dB for the same channel capacity, in comparison with the conventional systems. Since modification to base station equipment is not required, no rebuilding costs are incurred. CAR is a simple and general approach that can be modified for deployment in various systems.

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