Spectral Sharing in DS-CDMA Systems: A Multi-carrier Approach

S.L. Hijazi, C.R. Nassar, Z. Wu, and B. Natarajan (USA)


Spectral Sharing, Dynamic Spectral Allocation, CI


This paper presents a novel method for spectral sharing among independent communication networks, with the intention of enabling network capacity increase via dynamic spectral allocation. Specifically, we intend to enable spectral sharing in Direct Sequence Code Division Multiple Access (DS-CDMA) systems, a goal we accomplish via the multiplecarrier chip implementation known as Carrier Interferometery (CI) chip shapes. The multiple-carrier chip shape is capable of exploiting large diversity gains in our proposed sharing strategy, and as such our spectral sharing results in performance improvement in addition to increased system capacity. In a two company sharing example, a 3 dB performance improvement was observed while increasing system A's capacity by a factor of 100%.

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