Ethernet MAC Implementation Problems in ns-2

M. Laskowski and R.D. McLeod (Canada)


: ns-2, ethernet MAC, simulation, improved model


: This paper originated from studies that were being conducted by the authors investigating the use of larger frames on the Internet and obtaining their optimal values without their use being restricted to full duplex connections. The studies were simulation based and the ns-2 simulator was used. During the course of the investigation using a variety of networks and transport layer protocols a number of anomalous behaviour patterns were detected contrary to how the protocol specifications were intended. Specifically the 802.3 ethernet MAC protocol. The most notable examples are presented here and how they were corrected. The significance of the work is with respect to remedying the problem through an improved version of the ns-2 Ref. [1] ethernet MAC source code and making others aware of the problem which may impact their studies.

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