A Web Services Framework for Managing Complexity in a Pervasive Home Environment

M. Quantrill, R. Kalawsky, I. Phillips, and D. Atkins (UK)


Pervasive Computing, Home Integration, Adaptability, Webservices


Over the last few years there has been considerable interest both in the research community and within industry to develop pervasive technologies for domestic environments. This paper examines this problem space by looking into mechanisms to support integration of devices, services and components, as well as effective methods for interfacing with an integrated home system. A framework that seeks to assist occupants of integrated homes to access services and control their environment is being developed that attempts to dynamically integrate new devices and systems with little or no user involvement. This includes methods to automatically update user interfaces when new components are added. Initial work into methods for aggregating control of the physical infrastructure of the home such as heating and lighting, cooking and many everyday activities, as well as access to and control of media and entertainment services both within and beyond the home is presented. This work has resulted in prototype interfaces that permit aggregation of a number of differing devices and appliances to be realized on a single, unified user interface (UI). The interfaces are implemented using a web services framework and scalable vector graphics (SVG). The paper concludes with a summary and discussion of future work.

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