Extending Hanuri/Tflow for Mobile Environment using Data Synchronization

K.-W. Lee (Korea)


Mobile Information Systems, Workflow Management System, Data Synchronization, SyncML


A workflow management system (WFMS) helps to coordinate, monitor, and streamline business. It provides a set of tools that provides support for process definition, workflow enactment, and administration and monitoring of workflow processes in a heterogeneous and distributed environment. The advent of mobile technologies encourages users to download the tasks assigned into their mobile devices, and perform the tasks while their devices are disconnected from workflow servers. However, most existing WFMSs have been designed based on the assumption that all workflow clients are connected to the server during the execution, so we need to a way to handle such a disconnected execution. This paper presents the data synchronization based approach in extending a workflow system for support disconnected operations at runtime clients. The approach is being used in extending Hanuri/TFlow workflow system with MoIM-SyncML data synchronization engine.

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