Ordered Exposure in Wireless Networks

G. Fan (USA)


Wireless Network, Exposure, Network Planning, Quality of Service.


Wireless communications has experienced an explosive growth recently. In the free space radio propagation, the signal strength falls as some power of the distance. Therefore, wireless networks naturally integrate important geometric characters. Signal exposure is always a challenging network design issue as more and more wireless applications are on demand. It can directly affect the Quality of Service. This paper studies an ordered exposure problem which prioritizes different sites for different exposure levels. In a cellular network, although we assume the users are mobile, some of them just move within a site such as an office building. If the users within one site require signals of higher quality, it will be good to place a base station close to it because those users will receive stronger signals. The problem becomes complicated when more than one site are to be concerned. Given a list of sites, each associated with a weight of importance, the ordered exposure problem is to find a network deployment such that a more important site will be closer to a base station in the deployed network. The paper gives an efficient solution to the ordered exposure problem through computing the ordered exposure regions.

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