Multi-carrier Pulse Shape Synthesis and Decomposition for High Performance Wireless Systems

B. Natarajan and C.R. Nassar (USA)


Multi-carrier Modulation, Pulse Shaping, Frequency Diver sity, Truncated Fourier Series


In this paper, we demonstrate significant gains in bit-error rate performance of wireless systems via frequency-based (multi-carrier) pulse shape synthesis and decomposition. Specifically, pulse shapes are constructed via a truncated Fourier series approximation with coefficients designed in a minimum mean-squared sense. Traditional time domain re ceiver structures (e.g., equalizers) are replaced by receivers that decompose the received signal into its carrier compo nents and recombine to exploit frequency diversity in a mul tipath wireless channel. Performance curves (based on a multi-carrier implementation of a raised cosine pulse shape) demonstrate a 4 dB gain at a bit error rate 10-2 , relative to systems employing a linear minimum-mean-square-error equalizer.

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