Programmable Wireless IP Networks

T. Janevski and B. Spasenovski (Macedonia)


Wireless IP, Quality of Service, Programmable Network


This paper proposes a programmable framework for QoS support in wireless IP networks. The model is based on classification of IP traffic into two main classes, A and B, where class-A is further divided into three subclasses. It consists of three main modules: packet classifier, scheduler and admission control module. Packets are classified at network nodes by using differentiated services. The scheduler adapts the allocated bandwidth to real-time traffic under the influence of location-dependent bit errors in the wireless channel. For non-real time traffic it uses wireless fair scheduling. Admission control module operates over distinct time scales. At the packet transmission time scale it considers average delay of packets, while at call-level time scale it considers new calls and handovers. It is possible to program each of the modules upon classes and their expected traffic volume.

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