An Effective Automated Under Frequency Load Shedding Scheme for Kuwait Network

N.H. Abbasy and W.M. Al-hasawi (Kuwait)


AUFLS, Rate of Frequency Decline, Spinning Reserve, Kuwait Network


This paper proposes a new underfrequency automatic load shedding scheme based on the rate of frequency decline and available effective instantaneous spinning reserve (ISR), to be implemented for Kuwait power network. The observation of the initial rate of frequency decay following a disturbance will define the size of the disturbance, whereas the proper assessment of the system effective ISR following a disturbance will define the proper amount of load to be shed. The developed load shedding scheme is tested on Kuwait power network, for both real and artificial contingencies. Results of the test cases show that the proposed technique is superior to the existing one as far as adaptability, reliability, and economy of service are concerned.

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