An Intelligent Grid-connected PV-ECS System with Load Leveling Function

M.H. Rahman, J. Nakayama, K. Nakamura, and S. Yamashiro (Japan)


PV (Photo Voltaic), Load leveling, EDLC (ElectronicDouble Layer Capacitor), ECS (Energy CapacitorSystem), Distributed Generation.


In this work an attempt has been made to use EDLCs in a distributed grid connected power generation system of PV-ECS for load leveling purpose. PV panel is incorporated with this system to generate power from solar energy. The system can generate power by PV, store energy when the demand of load is low and finally supply the stored energy to load during the period of peak demand. To keep the power from grid line as flat as possible the system will buy power from grid line when load demand is poor. Since the power taken from grid line depends on the available solar energy, the system is made intelligent enough to predict the power generated by PV panel.

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