Response of Fibonacci-search-based Maximum Power Point Tracker when a Photovoltaic Array is Partially Shaded

M. Miyatake, H. Zhao, H. Otsuka, I. Chino, T. Kadowaki, and M. Nakano (Japan)


Photovoltaic Power Generator, Power Conditioner, Maximum Power Point Tracker, Fibonacci Sequence, GlobalOptimization


This paper deals with Maximum Power Point Tracking control methods of photovoltaic generators. Photovoltaic generation systems need Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) because the output power depends on the operat ing voltage and current. The authors have proposed the MPPT employing line search algorithm with fibonacci se quence. The original Fibonacci-search-based MPPT has a disadvantage that it may not be able to find the global max imum power point when a photovoltaic array is partially shaded. In this paper, the authors aim to improve the pro posed method in order to find the global maximum under the partially shaded condition. The method is verified with experiments. It is proved that the improved algorithm has good performance in many cases.

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